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Precautions for the safety of the paper straw machine

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AC-12G Automatic High Speed Paper Straw Making MachineThe machinery and equipment of the paper straw making machine must be operated by technical and professional staff to discourage others from annexing it casually. In terms of work, all directions of the processing center discourage the placement of workers, cards, measuring instruments and other dirt, and workers cannot leave their positions without authorization during the actual operation of practical activities.

Difficult problems before starting the paper straw machine

1. Cleaning: Before opening the paper disposable straw industrial equipment for actual operation, you must open and unpack the inside of the machine and equipment for inspection, and remove some of the rust inhibitors inside, the dust that often deposits during storage, and some production and processing. The remaining sludge in the future is opened and eliminated. Ensure that a natural environment is maintained internally, and then the work can maintain relative stability.

2. Lubrication: Everyone must establish it, and the actual operation of the lubrication practice must be in the cleaning practice. In the future, only if the interior of the paper disposable straw industrial equipment is in a natural environment and order, can everyone have enough energy to open the lubrication practice. Actual operation. In addition, if the oil used to open the lubrication is checked, it will be able to open the application if it meets the standards of practical activities. Open the smoothing grease to filter in the future and add it to the oil level gauge inside the machine.

3. Inspection: Before trusting the application of all paper straw machines, the internal prefabricated components of the machine and equipment must be opened for comprehensive inspection. Some prefabricated components are assumed to be damaged or cracked, so they must be opened and replaced immediately. , In order to ensure the robustness of the machinery and equipment during the entire process of subsequent operation.

2. Difficult problems during the entire operation of the paper straw machine

1. When you use the paper straw machine die cutting machine to open the laser to cut the article, continue to talk about the internal CNC tool conditioning and maintain it in a stable condition. When the article is clamped in the future, you can open everything All normal paper tube production systems have been done.

2. In the operation steps of opening the disposable paper straw for production, remember not to open and touch all the parts of the body with the rotating prefabricated components of industrial equipment, which is very risky.

3. In the operation steps of opening the disposable straws for production, you can appropriately reduce the operating speed of the machinery and equipment, which can effectively reduce the damage that the machinery and equipment often suffer during the entire process of operation. The magnificent level It prevents some industrial equipment hazards.

4. If there are general defects in the paper straw machine machinery and equipment in the production step, the machinery and equipment must be terminated immediately. Remember not to open the machinery and equipment to maintain operation, it is very easy to cause damage to the machinery and equipment. Not to mention the need to open and maintain the machinery and equipment under the condition of wiring, which will not only cause risks to the human body due to the prefabricated components of the internal transmission device of the machinery and equipment, but also risk of electric shock accidents. Therefore, the first thing to do is to terminate the operation of the machinery and equipment, stand by, and find technical professionals who have the necessary control of the machinery and equipment to open for maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure the safety performance in maintenance

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